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Dual Qualification in Spanish Baccalaureate and High School Diploma 

New Castelar College is the only school in the area that offers a high quality equilingual and international education. We're committed to pedagogical, technological, linguistic and curricular innovation. This is why we provide our students with not only the best...

This academic year, at New Castelar College we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary. The project that started with a commitment to pedagogical, technological, language and curricular innovation is now celebrating ten years of working to ensure our students acquire not only social and professional skills, but also values that enable them to reach their maximum potential.

To everyone who has put their faith in New Castelar College International School, parents, professions and students, thank you for your support and trust; we'll keep working every single day to improve and continue learning.

New Subject

Happiness and Personal Development.

Happiness and Personal Development New Castelar College has become the first school in Spain to teach a subject that aims to work on positive psychology and students' personal development.

Teaching adapted to elite athletes. 

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