María del Mar Sánchez

CEO of New Castelar College


Dear Families:

We are starting a new educational project with a solid foundation that starts from the heart of the people who lead it, with great enthusiasm, strength and dedication.

The objective of New Castelar College is to become a reference of educational excellence, training in values, culture and sports, counting on a committed and highly qualified teaching team, as well as an important number of collaborators of recognized prestige.
We are aware of the challenges that our children will have to face in the not too distant future. For this reason we provide them with an education that allows them to develop their maximum capacity both academically and personally, promoting multilingual learning to ensure their own social welfare in an increasingly global world.

For us, the circle formed by parents, students, teaching staff, support staff and the school's Executive Direction is of paramount importance. In short, each and every one of the people who make up New Casterlar College. For this reason we welcome them and invite them to encourage direct communication and properly channeled between the parties, so that this allows us to know their expectations, desires and concerns so that we can improve and learn every day.

Finally, we can only say THANK YOU!!! for your constant support and trust.


María del Mar Sánchez
CEO New Castelar College

"For us, the circle of parents, students, teaching staff, support staff and the school's executive management is of paramount importance"

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