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The Baccalaureate is a decisive educational stage that must provide students with the training, intellectual and human maturity, knowledge and skills that enable them to carry out their social functions and be part of active life with responsibility and competence. It also equips students with the skills to access higher education

The Baccalaureate comprises two academic years. New Castelar College offers two pathways:

  • Science
  • Social Science

As a private and international school, the educational curriculum at New Castelar College includes a series of unique subjects such as "Speaking and Communicative Skills" and "Business Studies", going hand in hand with the demands of the world of work that they'll be part of in the not too distant future. To help them in their choice of career, our students can take part in the program

New Castelar Internships

A unique way to gain first-hand experience in the world of work, aimed at helping them decide on their future occupation and make steady progress in their academic and professional career. During this program, students take on internships alongside professionals from their chosen field in a real work environment..

Students are supervised by our Internship Coordinator, who will select the most suitable companies to match the profile of the participating students. The Coordinator is also responsible for students' training, preparation and supervision to ensure their internship program is completed successfully

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