Educational Direction and Teaching Innovation Committee

What exactly is it? What are its functions?


This committee is made up of members of the New Castelar College Teaching Community with extensive professional experience and a strong vocation as educators.


Their commitment to the integral project as an international center, their initiative, the social responsibility they demonstrate in each of their actions and their ability to give the best of themselves every day are just some of the distinguishing features that define this work team, which is evident in each of the decisions they make.

In this decision-making body, curricular, educational and teaching proposals are presented, discussed, agreed upon and approvedmaking it possible to reflect on them from different points of view and adopt the most appropriate measures for the academic and personal development of students, ensuring the permanent well-being, both from the academic and personal point of view, of students and teachers. 

In addition, it is the function of the Educational Direction and Teaching Innovation Committee to gradually organize and coordinate any change in the academic-pedagogical area, incorporating processes of participation in the faculty and in this way detect problems, provide solutions as well as guide and supervise the established objectives always in line with the MISSION of New Castelar College.

The members of the Educational Direction and Teaching Innovation Committee, by their example, are the initiators of any process of change for the benefit of the New Castelar College Educational Community. 

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