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What is the New Castelar College International School student like?

At New Castelar College we train the professionals of the future. Our graduates are prepared for an internationalised and changing world, because in the future, being able to adapt will be a vital skill. This enables our students to achieve a graduate profile that will equip them to tackle adversity, always taking into account every individual's needs and skills.



  • Is able to find their own challenges to make sense of their life.
  • Is open-minded and accepts different cultures and beliefs, becoming a true global citizen.
  • Has achieved full academic potential and developed the common sense, creativity and technological skills they need to succeed in today's digital world.
  • Has acquired the communication skills required to be fluent in English and Spanish without sociolinguistic barriers.
  • Has learned the necessary life skills and developed a strong work ethic, enabling them to be an independent individual.

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