Mission and Philosophy

New Castelar College International School


As a unique and leading International School in the Region of Murcia, our mission is to ensure that our students acquire fundamental skills and values in a holistic way, guiding them to become multilingual, international and fulfilled citizens. Students will develop the ability to show empathy and kindness, become critical thinkers, problem solvers and independent learners, all in a modern, dynamic and safe environment.


At New Castelar College we believe that the students of New Castelar College have the right as individuals to be part, for their benefit, of a solid and international educational system. We believe that with that membership they will become socially responsible citizens, realizing cultural diversity, fostering respect and tolerance for others. It is only by teaching an international curriculum and environment that our students will be able to participate fully in a changing and complex society.

In addition to recognizing the importance of respecting each student's own cultural identity, our school's philosophy is based on developing the individual and ensuring they reach their maximum potential. We serve the needs of each member of the Educational Community in a unique and individual way.

How we implement our philosophy


  • We create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, understanding and respect in which all members of the Educational Community can participate on harmony and without discrimination.
  • We encourage a cooperative relationship between families and the school, recognizing the shared responsibility for our students' education.
  • We develop our students' interest in learning and appreciating the arts and sciences, to enrich their lives and open their horizons.
  • We create a stimulating environment that arouses curiosity and encourages problem solving by developing physical, social and emotional skills.
  • We teach our students to accept their responsibilities while learning to be disciplined and have self-esteem.
  • We help our students to be responsible citizens and care about the members of their community. We encourage them to be honest, trustworthy and supportive
  • We help our students to respect and accept the differences between different cultures and societies.
  • We make our school a great place for carrying out activities within the community that raise ecological and environmental awareness both locally and globally.
  • Our ideology lies in the following beliefs, which help us improve every single day.


  • The spirit of our school is that each student is able to reach their maximum potential, not only academically, but also through sport, the arts and the development of multiple intelligences, understanding that each student is unique with their own set of skills.
  • Students are encouraged to become lifelong learners and global citizens who strive to be empathetic and open-minded people leading meaningful lives..

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