Happiness and personal development

We became the first school in Spain to teach a subject that aims to address positive psychology and its students' personal development


Students learn to manage their emotions, becoming truly satisfied and happy adults.

Harvard and Yale

These universities have included this subject in their education programs for years.

"It's our responsibility to create positive attitudes towards life in our children". "

Introduces to the subject

Luis Galindo

As an international motivational speaker, Luis Galindo works with the influence of positive psychology, leadership and talent building.

Autor del libro superventas “Reilusionarse” con 17 ediciones.

They will learn to manage emotions

Reaching the state of full happiness is something that can be learned. The most important thing is to teach how to change behaviour in the face of emotions.

Each student has a personal concept of happiness and that is the secret to achieving the personal growth that everyone needs to feel satisfied and happy.

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