Primary Education

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Primary Education

The general objectives that will be addressed in the primary education stage at New Castelar College are very diverse. The student, throughout the whole Primary stage, will have to:

  • To know the values and rules of coexistence, to learn to act in accordance with them and to respect the pluralism of a democratic society.
  • To develop a responsible attitude and respect for others, which favors a climate conducive to personal freedom, learning and coexistence.
  • To develop habits of effort and responsibility in the study, as well as attitudes of curiosity and interest in learning in an autonomous way.
  • Develop individual initiative and the habit of teamwork.
  • To know and use adequately the Spanish and English language in its oral and written manifestations, as well as to acquire reading habits.
  • Begin to solve problems that require elementary calculus operations, geometric knowledge and estimation.
  • To know the fundamental aspects of the sciences of nature, geography, history and culture.
  • Initiation in a third language. From 3rd grade onwards, our students will learn a third language, GERMAN.
  • To develop the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering attitudes of self-confidence, critical sense, creativity and personal initiative.
  • Initiate and master the use of information and communication technologies.

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