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New Castelar College International School

What makes us different

We work under the AERO curriculum framework, a project run by the U.S. State Department's Office of Overseas Schools and the Overseas Schools Advisory Council, and the Spanish Curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

The areas that make up the school’s international curriculum are taught 50% in English by qualified native teachers from English-speaking countries, and the other 50% is taught in Spanish by qualified Spanish teachers. All this sets us apart from other schools in the Region of Murcia.

New Castelar College is the only school in the area that offers a high quality equilingual and international education. We're committed to pedagogical, technological, linguistic and curricular innovation. This means we can provide our students with not only the best material tools, but also with specific knowledge on how society and business are evolving, encompassed in exceptional and unique subjects like "Speaking and Communication Skills" and "Business Studies". “Oratoria y Habilidades Comunicativas” y “Business Studies”.




New Castelar College está acreditado como centro internacional por MSA (Middle State Association)New Castelar College is accredited as an international school by the MSA (Middle State Association), one of the most prestigious associations in the world, recognized as such by official educational bodies in the United States. This accreditation grants the school the power to issue a High School Diploma. The Excellence by Design protocol is designed to strengthen the one already in place at the school, with special emphasis on the specific areas of improved student performance and organizational ability. It also provides prescriptive procedures to ensure rigorous MSA standards are maintained, ensuring the school's growth and continuous improvement.

The MSA Visiting Team periodically inspects 12 standards that must be aligned in compliance with the NCC Mission, Principles and Graduate Profile. The team assesses the school's administration; executive and educational leadership; implementation of the academic curriculum; financial situation; organizational ability of the staff; health and safety; educational programming; school assessment processes and evidence of school performance; student services; school life and student activities; school resources and student welfare, among others

This assessment allows for objective and external results to be obtained on the quality of the school, the achievements of its students and overall school management.

During his last inspection visit in November 2022, Mr. Michael Emborsky, Chair Person of the Visiting Team said:

“After meeting with many of the teachers and other staff members, students, administrators, and parents, it's clear that NCC is an organization committed to being the best bilingual school in the region, if not the country! From our discussions with all stakeholders it was clear that the NCC is committed to being accessible to everyone who applies and can afford NCC. All the stakeholders we spoke to love the school, they're proud to be part of it and seem truly committed to the future of New Castelar

Los estudiantes y los padres aprecian mucho no sólo el alto nivel de instrucción académica, la excelencia en la enseñanza del inglés y del español, y el sentimiento de comunidad y “familia” que muchos describieron, sino que expresaron que los estudiantes se sienten bienvenidos aquí y están bien integrados en la comunidad escolar. El personal también expresó sentirse parte de un ambiente “familiar”. Como visitantes, podemos entender estos comentarios, ya que observamos alumnos extremadamente bien educados y amables que obviamente se preocupan por los demás, y fuimos testigos de interacciones positivas entre alumnos y profesores. Está claro que NCC es un lugar especial.

Our team was impressed by the support and operations staff we observed during our visit. Buildings and courtyards are well-maintained and immaculately clean, cafeteria and housekeeping staff members are efficient, service-oriented and attentive. Their hard work creates a comfortable and welcoming learning environment”.

Reino Unido



Founded in 1965, ECIS is the leading global collaborative network in promoting and supporting the ideals and best practices of International Education. This worldwide non-profit organisation provides professional learning, credentials and tailored solutions for schools that become part of its network. ECIS supports high quality education through its products and services, providing continuous training at the highest level to teaching, administrative and management staff of international schools.





New Castelar College is a member of the Network of Visible Thinking Centres, VESS, an innovative educational model based on Harvard University's PROJECT ZERO, composed of Howard Gardner, Nelson Goodman and David Perkins, as well as other researchers from the School of Education at this prestigious American university.

The VESS Project is committed PEP: Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy helping children in their task of mind building from infancy to maturity, knowing and working with the principles of natural child development.




ACADE is a business organization founded in 1978 with the aim of defending and promoting non-subsidized private education, based on the recognition of this right in the Spanish Constitution. This Association defends and promotes authentically private teaching and the freedom of families to choose the school and educational model they want for their children; a right enshrined in the Spanish Constitution and in various international agreements, as well as in the Declaration of Human Rights.

 ACADE's Mission is:

  • To maintain the principle of free school creation and management.
  • To defend the freedom and autonomy of schools, providing society with a high quality education provision.
  • To defend, within the constitutional framework of freedom of education, the right of schools to create their own ideals or educational models.
  • To defend direct financing to the family through the School Check, tax deduction, etc., defending the right of parents to choose the educational model they feel is the most appropriate for their children.
  • To create common teaching or pedagogical services for higher quality teaching, promoting qualifications for teachers, management teams and employers.
  • To participate in the Committees and Bodies of the Public, Institutional or Professional Administrations connected with teaching.
  • To be present in European and international movements, associations or federations that defend the above aims in these areas.

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